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15 Other Hinge Types

In addition to our standard hinges we offer a range of additional hinge types for specialist joinery applications including, but not limited to, Storm Proof Hinges, Butterfly Hinges, Snake Hinges, H & HL Hinges, Backflap Hinges, Cellar Flap Hinges and Counter Flap Hinges.

The majority of hinges in this section are priced and sold per SINGLE hinge.

'HL' pattern hinges are priced and sold per mirror image PAIR

#21 4" (102mm) Solid Brass Dovetail Counter Flap Hinge
£ 21.58
(-14.97%) £ 18.35
Simonswerk 0510 4" (102mm) British Made Solid Drawn Brass Double Jointed Dovetail Hinge for Counter Flaps & Bar Flaps - 8 Brass, Chrome, Nickel & Bronze Finishes