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Quality Ironmongery Fittings for Buildings of Distinction

05 Rising Butt Hinges

Rising butt hinges are designed to lift doors slightly during the opening cycle to prevent damage to floor coverings/carpets etc. Our stainless steel Rising Butt Hinges offer a cost effective solution for general applications while our solid drawn brass variants are more suited to prestigious, high quality projects.

Hinges in this section are priced and sold per PAIR (2 hinges).

#01 4" (102mm) Stainless Steel Rising Butt Hinge
£ 17.41
4" (102mm) Medium Duty Stainless Steel Rising Butt Hinge for Doors up to 30kg, 8mm Rise at 180 - Satin Finish
#02 Simonswerk 1840 4" (100mm) Solid Brass Rising Butt Hinge
£ 139.56
Simonswerk 1840 4" (100mm) British Made Heavy Pattern Solid Drawn Brass Rising Butt Hinge for Doors up to 45kg, 13mm Rise at 180 - 9 Brass, Chrome, Nickel & Bronze Finishes